What the Best Quiet Air Rifles You Can Buy?

Best Quiet Air Rifle

Silence isn’t always a big consideration when you’re looking to buy an air rifle, but in some cases, it can be very important to have a quiet gun. Hunting pests outside the house, shooting targets in the backyard, and other smaller activities need to be done with a quiet gun when you live in a more populated area.

To keep yourself from getting the police called on your home and to avoid scaring your neighbors, finding a quiet air gun can save you from a lot of trouble. But, what is the quietest air rifle and how can you find it?

Determining the Sound of an Air Rifle

The sound is measured in decibels. This unit of measurement is standard around the world, and while it may not give an exact answer to what you think is quiet or loud, it will give you a way to compare different sounds.

Air rifles with higher decibel shooting will be louder than those that give off lower decibel sounds. If sound tests have been done on any air rifles you want to buy (and this is fairly common), you will be able to compare that rifle against others and see which one produces the quieter sound out of the ones you are interested in.

What Affects an Air Rifle’s Sound Level?

Many things can determine the level of sound that’s produced, most of which have to do with how the rifle was built and how it operates. Larger guns almost always give off a louder sound than smaller guns. Similarly, guns that fire larger projectiles are usually loud than those that fire small projectiles.

Sound can also be determined by the firing mechanism. Although we are only talking about air rifles, some rifles have a different firing mechanism than others, even though they all use air.

The material the rifle is made with will also make a difference in how loud it is when it fires. Guns made with harder materials like more solid metals will be louder than guns made with hard plastic or softer metals. This is a generalization, but it usually proves to be true nonetheless.

The quietness of an air rifle may also have to do with the accessories that are used on the gun. Those with silencers and other barrel lengthening attachments will be quieter than regular guns because longer barrels tend to muffle sound more easily than shorter barrels.

Quietest Air Rifle

Beeman R7

This small .177 gun is a pellet shooter that comes without the frills that some more expensive rifles may come equipped with. However, even without sights and a scope you can manage to get tight groupings and tremendous accuracy from the air rifle.

Quietness is one of the huge advantages of this air rifle. It is arguably the quietest air rifle available on the market, and it’s great for those circumstances that call for less noise without sacrificing on the quality of your shots. Once it gets used a few times, the cocking mechanism evens becomes quieter and easier to use on the fly. This is an overall great air rifle for small shooting, and it works very well even if you live in a neighborhood and need something that won’t bother those around you.

Other Quiet Air Rifles

So, besides the Beeman R7, which other air rifles are quiet? Here are a few other high quality, quiet air guns in no particular order:

RWS 34

This is another great gun that exceeds a lot of others in its price category, especially when it comes to the noise level it produces. It comes with a scope sight and a few other handy features to help you get the best shot groupings possible. No matter what you’re using it with, your shots are going to be quiet and accurate.


Another .177 from Beeman, this air rifle is a little louder than the first model mentioned but is still quiet enough to keep you from bothering others or disturbing your ears. You can use it for any variety of needs, such as target shooting or hunting small pests in your yard. Whatever the case, it’s sure it be a more silent weapon than a lot of others, and it’s set to work well for many years.


So, what is the quietest air rifle? The Beeman R7 wins by quite a few decibels, but there are many other air rifles that are also very quiet. If this particular gun holds no interest to you, check out other options for very quiet air rifles and see what else you can find.