What is the Best Thing to Wear for Turkey Hunting?

Best Thing to Wear for Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is a fantastic sport unlike any other. These birds are the difficult game to catch. Because they are intelligent and capable of avoiding hunters with ease. It takes patience and skill to attract and shoot a turkey gobbler. But it also takes the right knowledge.

When it comes to hunting turkeys, do you know what you should wear? These birds are not like the other game you hunt. And so you need to prepare more for this hunt than for most other hunts.

How Well Can Turkeys See?

The reason turkey hunting can be difficult is that turkeys have incredible eyesight. They are one of the few game animals that are able to see color. And they can accurately perceive their surroundings almost instantly. In order to hunt turkeys effectively, you have to be well disguised and hidden from their view.

In order to hide from a turkey, you have to cover as much of your skin as possible with camouflage. It’s also necessary to remove any unnatural colors from your outfit or cover them up with camo as well.

What to Wear Turkey Hunting in Spring?

During the usual spring turkey hunting season, you will need to blend into greener foliage. Look for camo that is based more on light green colors instead of grey or brown. You also need to consider that your clothing should be lighter in weight and not as thick, or else you will be uncomfortable and may be tempted to shift around or move more often. Wear something that blends in well and is comfortable enough to keep you from feeling the urge to move.

What to Wear Turkey Hunting in Autumn?

In the autumn hunting season, the foliage is different from the spring. Instead of wearing green-based camouflage, brown and grey are a better choice. During the early season, you may be able to get by with greener camo. But as the season goes on it will be highly ineffective and will only give your place away to your game.

Also keep in mind that you will normally have to get to your hunting spot very early to hunt turkeys well. This means the weather will be colder as you begin your hunt, and it may only warm up a little when the sun comes up. To help you stay comfortable outside, wear clothing and boots that are a little bit heavier than spring hunting gear.

The best patterns for turkey hunting take advantage of shadows and green foliage, since most turkey hunting seasons are in the spring. It’s good to position yourself so the sun is at your back and make use of shadowy, silhouetted foliage instead of bare trees.

It’s essential that you conceal even your hands, face, neck, and hair. Use camouflaged gloves and hats instead of black ones. Whichever gloves you choose, get a pair with enough grip to securely hold your gun or bow and whatever other equipment you’ll be using while hunting.

To conceal your face and neck, you can use either a partial veil that will leave only your eyes uncovered or you can use something like a facial net that helps to eliminate your lines and hide the color of your skin from view. Nets are easy to see through and cover your whole face.

Once you have made your shot and gotten your game of the day, make sure to put one something blaze orange when you’re carrying the gobbler out of the woods. That way you will avoid becoming a target yourself and will keep the area safer.


Turkey hunting requires special consideration for your camouflage. If you wear simple camo and don’t cover your entire body, you are risking losing your chance at a kill shot because the turkey will see you and will not come close enough. If you want the biggest gobblers to get close enough for a shot, take your time when you’re dressing up and use the best camo you can find for the area, being sure to cover your entire body!

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