How to Do Effective Spring Bear Hunts?

You do know that aside from White Tail Deer, the black bear is one of the animals that you consider as a game. Black bears are known to have a diet composed of various berries that are found in forests as well as fish. They have grown in population over the recent years and a lot of humans are threatened by this. This explains why humans like to hunt for Spring Bears.

You may have your different reasons why you think bears should be hunted. You may assume that it is going to break into your home and hurt you and the rest of your family. You may also assume that they are going to kill pets, they are going to eat and kill certain livestock and they are going to cause chaos around the property. The things that are mentioned above, they may still not be enough for humans to become sure about hunting bears but some other reason will.

The most probable reason why people love to do spring bear hunts is because of the typical human’s admiration of the bear. Just imagine how good the bear is at foraging and finding food. It is able to grow well and grow big despite not having all food available nearby. To hunt a bear, a hunter must be skilled and must have the right qualities to become successful. An aspiring hunter can only be called a true hunter once a bear has been captured and killed.

Doing Effective Spring Bear Hunts

Now that you are aware of the reasons why you want to catch a bear, you have to build up your skills. You need to know various tips so that you can catch the bear before it sees you. Here are some things that you are going to learn:

  • Some effective tactics that will allow you to catch spring bears easily
  • Get to know how to scrutinize the spring bear
  • The different signs that will let you know if a bear is within the area
  • Your weapon

The things that you are going to learn will inspire you to get better and to improve your skills further so you can catch your very first spring bear, the catch that will elevate your status from an amateur hunter to a good hunter.

Tactics to Catch Spring Bears

You know that tactics can be developed by good and skilled hunters but you also have to be dedicated to what you do so you will see some things that you have never realized before. Here are some of the tactics that will allow you to catch a spring bear:

Spring Bear Hunts

1. Baiting

This is one of the methods that you can do so that you can have a great number of bears I one area. Choose a spot wherein bears may most likely stay and you can place anything you want on the bait. Bears can be baited with almost anything whether you are going to place meat or something sweet. Choose something odorous so that they can pick up the scent.

2. Tracking, Spotting and Stalking

This is the most common method that you can do in order to catch bears. You need to find their tracks and once you do, wait until you spot a bear. After you see the bear, you can stalk the bear until such time when you can already shoot it.

3. Calling

You need to know the calls that you are going to do so that bears will stop and listen. If you do the wrong call, bears will not take notice or you may feel awkward because you know that you are faking the call.

You do know that black bears can be a bit hard to judge because the only thing that you can immediately see is their size. Here are the things that you have to remember so that you can size up the black bear effectively:

  1. The attitude of the black bear. You will know how old the bear is based on how it acts together with the other bears. If it seems like the other bears are scared of this one bear, he may be older and tougher. A bear that is only in one corner may also be big but may be more submissive.
  2. You should know if it is truly a spring bear or not. If you are hunting in places where Grizzly bears are also available, get to see if the one you are trying to hunt is a real spring bear. They should not have shoulder humps and their faces should not be longish. If the descriptions do not fit the bear that you are checking, you have to look elsewhere.
  3. Check out all the features of the bear. You have to take note of how muscular the bear is or if the bear has pointed ears or a sagging belly. These small differences will be apparent if you watch the bear before shooting.

The Weapon You Are Going to Use

he Weapon You Are Going to Use

You need to realize that hunting bears will not be easy because you have to take note of the weapon that you are going to use. Most spring bears are massive so the normal weapons that you use in order to hunt deer and even hogs will not be too effective on bears.

  • The best cartridges that you should use for bears should range from .270 – .300 magnum.
  • It will be best to have a strong and powerful gun instead of one that underperforms.
  • You may use your mid range guns if you are going to do baiting first before shooting.


You do know that bear hunting is usually harder than it sounds. Once you are faced with great looking creatures, you may panic first especially if it is your first time but hopefully, the details that are mentioned above will help you become more confident so when you try, you can catch your very first spring bear. Did you enjoy this article? Share your thoughts by placing comments below. Share this article too so that other people you know who are also fond of bear hunting will also learn some important details.