Homemade Deer Attractant

There are a lot of deer hunters who have to admit that they would sometimes try to use deer attractants in order to help find deer more. Perhaps you have seen other hunting shows before and other people have used their very own deer attractants. You may sometimes check some magazines for details on some deer attractants that can be purchased from specialty stores but what if you would learn that you can make your own? Besides, there are a lot of deer attractants that are being sold that deer hunters find disappointing.

Before you can make your very own deer lure, you have to be skilled in doing some DIY projects in and out of the house. You may have to design your very own kit that will serve as a deer feeder. At this point, you may be thinking why you have to make this effort when you can just purchase a deer attractant from a store and just use it when you go deer hunting but if you want to save up on money and if you are feeling a bit creative, making a homemade deer attractant can be appealing.

Homemade Deer Attractant

Some of the Ingredients You Need

You may want to use certain ingredients that are sticky and sweet smelling. The ingredients that you will use can differ from the other materials that deer hunters have used before. You are recommended to make use of peanut butter, certain fruits, vanilla and even corn. If in case you are not sure what food products to put, you can research about the type of food that the deer loves. For sure you will get an idea about what you want and need. For example, vanilla can be used even when the temperature outside is very cold. Vanilla has a strong scent and it can still be smelled by deer even from certain distances. When using certain fruits, choose fruits that are about to go rotten. This way, the smell will be stronger and will attract deer more. Do not forget to add a few minerals and certain salts and you will have a great deer attractant that you would like to use every time.

There are some people who make use of deer urine in order to attract deer. While this can be beneficial because some deer can go very near (which can make them easier to hunt,) they may go away fast after they realize that it is a trap unlike when you place a mixture that they can eat, they may stay there longer which means that you will have more time to make a clean kill.

The Process You Have to Follow

Once you already have all of the ingredients, you need to make sure that all of the ingredients will stick well together.

  • Pour syrup over all the ingredients that you have placed in one container.
  • Place water in order to make the ingredients stick better together. Placing water can also dilute the syrup so that it will not be too sticky.
  • If you have made your own container that doubles as a deer feeder then this is where you should place the mixture.
  • You need to spread the deer attractant mixture in places wherein you think that the mixture will be smelled by the deer that you are trying to attract. Preferably, you can place the mixture on the deer’s eye level.
  • Apply a generous amount of the mixture whenever you need to hunt for deer.
  • You can wait for the deer to come.

Other Tips to Remember

There are some tips that you ought to remember so that your deer attractant can work better:

  • Feel free to make some changes with the previous deer attractant that you have made if you believe that it can still be improved.
  • Research about the other ingredients that some deer hunters have used in order to create their very own homemade deer attractants.
  • Your very own deer attractant will not work if deer are not active during the period that you have tried to lure them. You have to know the best time to use the attractants and this is usually in November because this is the time when their mating season begins. Trying to lure deer during January or February will be fruitless.
  • There are some places wherein the use of deer attractants are not allowed. This is also true if you are in a deer hunting area. You have to know the local rules and regulations so you will not be reprimanded for something that you did not know. One of the reasons why the use of deer attractants are not allowed sometimes is because some young deer also have the tendency to be attracted and they might get killed in the process.
  • If in case using deer attractant is allowed, you may only be permitted to bring a small amount. Follow the laws given to you so that you can hunt for deer with ease.

You can try to make your own deer attractant and see just how appealing it is to various type of deer found within the area.