How to Shoot A Deer?

There is a big chance that you would like to hunt properly. You have a duty as a hunter to shoot your prey and kill your prey in one single shot. This means that you will make the kill as clean as possible. You should not let your prey suffer as this can be inhumane. If the deer survives the shot, it will never be the same again. This is not something that you should aspire for.

When shooting a deer, there are different things that you have to consider such as:

  • The type of weapon that you are using to kill. When you are using a gun, you still have to consider the type of gun and the bullet that you are using. Using a bow and arrow will also make the type of shot that you have to make different.
  • Your skills as a shooter. How good are you in taking shots? If you are a sharp shooter, you would be able to shoot a deer with no problems but if you are not too good at it, you may have to make a bit more effort.
  • The distance between you and the deer. Even if you are tempted to shoot a deer, you have to consider how far away you are from the animal. If you are too far, the chances that you will make the right and proper shot will be less likely.
How to Shoot A Deer

Aside from these considerations, you have to know where are the vital areas to shoot the deer. A lot of people may advise shooting the deer through the lungs but is this always the best area for you to shoot? Here are some of the right areas for you to shoot a deer:

1.    Heart – Lung Area

This is the most common area that deer hunters aim for. This is because this is the easiest shot to make. You do not have to be extremely accurate in order to reach and target the right area. You know that the moment that you hit the deer, it can be extremely bloody. If the deer runs off, you would be able to find it immediately. The bad thing about this is that most deer do not die immediately when they are shot this way. There are even times when the deer may recover depending on the area that you will hit. If you are not the type of person who can take killing the deer a second time, this may not be the right shot for you to take.

2.    Brain

This is one of the areas that will certify that the deer will be killed immediately. You know that the moment the bullet hits the brain, it will only take a few seconds before the deer will die. This is also the perfect shot to take when you are aiming to kill the deer for its meat, you will not lose a lot of meat when you shoot through the head. The main disadvantage of this is the fact that you have to be good at shooting before you can make this work. If you would aim too high, you would miss the deer entirely. If you would aim too low, you may only hurt its jaw. You need to be good at shooting before you attempt this shot.

3.    Neck

If your main goal is still the meat that you are going to take from the deer, this is another area that you can shoot the deer. While this will allow you to save a lot of meat because hitting through the neck will kill it instantly (if done correctly), you would have to be good at shooting bullets or your bow and arrow. When you only paralyze the deer, you would have to kill it with a second shot.

4.    High Shoulder

This is yet again another area wherein you can hit the deer. While this may seem like the perfect area because you will hit a lot of areas that will kill the deer instantly, you still have to be skilled at shooting because you may not be able to kill the deer instantly with just one shot. Remember that if you would choose to do this shot with the use of heavy bullets, there is a big possibility that you would lose a lot of meat in the process. There is also a big chance that you would miss the shot and you will only proceed in scaring the deer away.

What is evident based on the things that are mentioned above? You need to make sure that you will improve your skills. You have to practice shooting with inanimate objects first. Plus, you have to know all the things that you can do in order to stay undetected by the deer in the area where you intend to shoot. Only when you do these things will you be able to make a clean shot.