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How to Cook Groundhog?

There may be a lot of people who have never tasted groundhogs before and they may even turn up their noses at the thought of tasting any dish wherein groundhog meat is used. Groundhogs have been cooked for a long period of time. If you are not familiar with what a groundhog is, this is …

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How to Cook Groundhog

How to Hunt Groundhogs?

When it comes to hunting groundhogs, having proper knowledge is ideal. A lot of groundhogs are able to hide once the grass grows taller and they are able to find more places wherein they can stay. Groundhogs are usually found in rural settings and they can be considered pests because of the different things that they …

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How to Hunt Groundhogs

Why Do People Hunt Bears?

There are a lot of places in different parts of the world wherein bear hunting is encouraged. There are even some areas wherein bears are not protected by different. This means that their meat, their fur and even all of their other parts can be traded or sold to willing buyers and traders. Of course, this has …

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Why Do People Hunt Bears

Homemade Deer Attractant

There are a lot of deer hunters who have to admit that they would sometimes try to use deer attractants in order to help find deer more. Perhaps you have seen other hunting shows before and other people have used their very own deer attractants. You may sometimes check some magazines for details on some deer attractants …

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Homemade Deer Attractant