How to Know More About Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts?

What is your main goal why you would like to catch a Whitetail Deer? You want to shoot a larger deer so that you can brag about it with your friends. You may secretly wish that you are going to hunt a big deer so that you can succeed. It is not easy to hunt because there are different factors that you are going to think about.

Going on guided Whitetail Deer hunts will increase your chances of hunting properly but you still have to know the right skills that will allow you to do a deer hunt properly. What do you think are the things that you are going to learn? You should know when you should properly hunt a deer and where are the best spots that will give you your best chances of getting your trophy.

Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts

Things You Will Learn

You need to know how you can keep track of the deer patterns and movements. Aside from these things, what else are you going to learn by reading this?

  • Where you can deer hunt properly
  • When is the proper time for you to do deer hunting
  • Some tips on how you can scout for deer properly
  • The proper gear that you should have when deer hunting
  • Should you choose all inclusive guided hunting trips?

These are the things that you will learn once you start reading now.

Where You Should Go Deer Hunting

If you are going to do deer hunting and you are looking for the right whitetail deer hunting guide, knowing the right places where you can hunt will be helpful for you. When you choose guided deer hunts, you may have access to certain places that will not be available to the public. If you want to do deer hunting on your own, however, here are some spots to take note of:

1. Public Lands

There are some places in certain states that are open in different parts of the year. Choosing the right public land may be a bit complicated but possible as long as you would research about the spots beforehand. Get to know the ownership of the lands there are three types namely state, local and federal.

2. Prime Locations

These are usually placed wherein guided deer hunting takes place. This means that you will have access to big whitetail deer that you can surely be proud of.

3. Private Lands

There are some lands that are still owned by companies or other people who may lease the property during hunting season.

Proper Time to Do Deer Hunting

The best time to do deer hunting is in the late summer season or early fall season but you may be able to choose if you would go on a guided deer hunting. Guides usually offer two seasons for hunting and one season will be for hunting Whitetail Deer. You would know if it is the proper time to do deer hunting when it is not too cold.

Some Tips on Scouting Deer Properly

  • Get to know deer patterns – Deer may move similar to humans in a sense that they also like routine. They may do certain things every day without realizing it. This means that you have to stay in a certain area for a few days or so until you get to know the pattern. When doing guided deer hunting, however, you will know the pattern immediately.
  • Your scent is extremely important – One reason why deer may be elusive is because of the way that you smell. If you have decided to wear your favorite perfume before you can go deer hunting, you can already expect that you will have a harder time than everyone else in searching for the right deer.
  • Scrutinize for the right size – You may think that you can just shoot on any Whitetail Deer that you see but if you are under guided deer hunting, you may be fined by the company if you would shoot a doe or if you would shoot a deer that is smaller than the required size. Be careful in choosing the deer you are going to shoot.

Proper Gear to Have

The things that you are going to bring with you will matter because you need to be comfortable while you are hunting.

  1. Boots – You are going to walk long distances and you will never know what the state of the ground is going to be. Choosing comfortable boots will increase your chances of killing deer. You may want to bring more than one pair if you are going to stay in one place for a long period of time.
  2. Packs – You need to have equipment that will keep you comfortable in one place for a certain period of time. The pack may contain food, water, an extra pair of jacket and other things that you believe you need.
  3. Weapon – You may prefer using bow and arrow over a rifle or you may not be able to shoot if you do not have your optic scope. Bring everything that you believe will help you shoot better.

Should You Choose An All Inclusive Guided Hunting Trip?

There are different guided hunting trips that are available. Some of these trips already come with food and accommodations so you will simply go on land in order to hunt. When you do this, you do not have to worry about the packs that you are going to bring any more. There are even some that come with transportation. You can choose hunting trips that are like this if you have more money to spend than usual and if you like how convenient it is. If you are after the thrill of finding a whitetail deer on your own, then you can organize your own deer hunting trip.


Did you learn a lot about Whitetail Deer hunting? Hopefully, you have learned enough about Whitetail Deer hunting that you are already excited to try out your new knowledge by the time that hunting season rolls in. Do you have other details that you want to add? Feel free to comment below and do no forget to share this article with other people.