Why Do People Hunt Bears?

There are a lot of places in different parts of the world wherein bear hunting is encouraged. There are even some areas wherein bears are not protected by different. This means that their meat, their fur and even all of their other parts can be traded or sold to willing buyers and traders. Of course, this has angered a lot of animal advocate groups because of their belief that bears should still be given some protection. There are other animals that are being hunted but they are protected by various laws, therefore, people who hurt other animals without a good reason can be given fines while those who hunt for bears even if it is not as a sport anymore can go on unscathed.

Why Do People Hunt Bears

A lot of people who are passionate about protecting animals will probably never understand why people hunt for bears or even other animals for that matter but here are just some of the probable reasons why people like hunting for bears:

1. To Get Food

Unknown to some people, bear meat is edible and it is good. Some people who have eaten it before describe it as somewhat similar to pork but it has a distinct taste so you know that it is a bear. There are some portions that are made into sausages too while most of the meat pieces are smoked so that they can be eaten for other hunting and camping trips. In the past when the world was still as modern as it is now, people have eaten bear meat normally.

2. For Population Control

There are some places wherein the population of black bear is quite plentiful and in order to control their population, there is a need to hunt them. Usually, there is a limit to the amount of bears that can be hunted in certain places and there are some methods of hunting that are sometimes banned in some places. For example, in certain areas, baiting is not allowed. Baiting involves placing barrels of human food in some places so that bears will go there and they can be killed. Aside from the fact that this makes bears like human food instead of the usual food that they eat, this may somewhat take away the fun of hunting as it is easier to kill them when you know where to find them. There are also a lot of bear cubs who may become orphaned because it is the duty of female bear cubs in order to hunt for food. If bears are going to be hunted, they should be hunted similar to how other animals like deer are hunted.

3. As a Trophy

There are some passionate hunters who make it a point to get the heads or some parts of the animals that they have hunted to show what they were able to accomplish. For some people who do not hunt, this may seem like an absurd idea but for hunters, being able to hunt and get the heads of the animals as trophies give them a sense of happiness.

4. As a Sport

This simply means that there are some people who kill bears for fun. There are some people who are able to kill a lot of bears in one place because there are so many and they feel that the more bears that they kill, the stronger and better they are at hunting. Some experts say that perhaps hunting bears as a sport may stem from the need of other humans to feel more dominant than other living beings and since bears are known to be strong and sometimes dangerous, showing dominance over the best can satisfy a lot of hunters.

5. Bears Can Cause Some Problems

There are some people who say that their main reason when hunting for bears is because they consider bears to be problematic. For example, there are some places wherein there are not relocation areas available. Some bears who have been relocated find their way back to areas where they should not be lurking. While some may euthanize bears, people feel more thrilled if they can hunt problem bears.

Bears Parts Being Traded

It has been mentioned earlier that there are a lot of people who hunt for bears in order to eat but there are also some who hunt for bears in order to get the medicinal properties of the various bear parts. There are a lot of people who spend a lot of money just to get the gallbladder of the bear. The only bad part about this is that the gallbladder of bears do not increase in size. This means that cubs have the same sized gallbladders as the adults. Some bear cubs are being killed for this reason and this may not adhere with some of the laws of certain countries.